Join Us As A 2024 Speaker

We’re calling on our Community Health Workers and CHW Allies to share their knowledge and experience at the 2024 Unity Conference on August 22nd, 2024.

CHWs, including Community Health Representatives, Promoters, Peer Outreach Workers, etc., are invited to apply for a presentation slot during the afternoon portions of the Unity Conference.

Allies, including Program managers, Researchers, Advocates, Providers, etc. in authentic partnership with CHWs, are invited to co-present in teams with at least one of their CHW peers.
We will be selecting 30 applicants to speak to audiences about varying topics in community health, highlighting our 2024 theme “Our Voices Heard, our Leadership Respected”.

See below for more details.

Interested In Applying?

For questions or help with your application, please contact [email protected]

About the Presentations

Workshops will be divided into two, one hour and 10 minute blocks, each featuring 15 concurrent virtual sessions. Session 1 presentations will run from 2:50 – 4:00 pm EDT and Session 2 presentations will run from 4:00 – 5:25 pm EDT. Each session will include time for presentation and audience Q/A.

Please note: All applicants must be available for the complete duration of workshop sessions, as final presentation schedules will not be released until August 5th. If interested in presenting, please hold August 22nd from 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST on your calendar prior to applying. Presentation speakers must include at least one Community Health Worker.

Sample Presentation Topics

2024 Workshops should feature no more than two topics within the following categories:

  • Community Health Workers resolving social determinants of health

  • Community Health Workers collaborating with community organizations, health systems, and other key stakeholders in providing better care and service to the community
  • Capacity building strategies for Community Health Workers
  • Mental health and wellness strategies for Community Health Workers
  • Cultural competency workshops for different communities
  • Negotiating salary and career pathways
  • CHW Sustainable Financing
  • CHW Focused Policy and Advocacy skills building.
  • CHW Focused/Generated Research that impacts the Community Health Worker profession.
  • Community Health Workers providing essential services
  • Community Health Workers implementing best practices
  • Community health Workers implementing models of care
  • Indigenous/Tribal Nation learnings and demonstration models for Community Health Workers
  • Community Health Worker Training
  • Community Health Worker and Substance Use Disorder
  • Other recommendations aligned with the 2024 conference theme of “CHWs: Our Voices Heard, Our Leadership Respected”, that include ways that Community Health Workers have best applied their knowledge, skill sets, and talents towards community health

Application Timeline

May 31st:

Applications Open

July 15th: Applications Due by 11:59 p.m.
August 5th: Applicants are notified of selections, speaker schedules are released

Interested In Applying?

For questions or help with your application, please contact [email protected]