Join us at the 2024 Annual Meeting and Unity Conference

You’re close to joining us for the Unity Conference and NACHW Annual Meeting. Registration is open to members and non-members alike. Before you register, please read the instructions and information carefully so you purchase the registration type that matches your needs.

  • Annual Meeting Attendance and Voting: Members and non-members will have access to the full Unity Conference on August 22, 2024, but only members can attend the Annual meeting and vote on August 21, 2024. In order to vote, members must be in good standing as of July 22, 2024. That means your membership must be current and not expired before July 22nd. You can still register for the conference after July 22nd, and vote if you are in good standing. Members who are not in good standing can still attend the annual meeting, but they will not be able to vote. Visit to log into your account and view your membership expiration date.
    • If you are attending as the representative of an organization with an ally or CHW organizational membership, your organization receives only one vote. If you are part of a team and want each member to attend AND vote, be sure that you all have individual membership accounts.
  • Selecting Workshops/Trainings: We will announce our workshops in the coming months, and attendees will have access to all workshops and be able to choose which to attend. Attendees do not select workshops during this registration process.
  • Registering on MemberClicks for Members: Members will need to sign into MemberClicks to receive their discounted rate. Non-members can continue on this page down below for registration.
  • Multiple Registrations: All attendees must purchase their single registration at a time. This is to ensure that all attendees can make their own selections address, demographics, and language access. This help us better plan for our attendee experience.
  • Cancellations and Substitutions: For information and deadlines for cancellations, substitutions and refunds, click HERE to read terms and conditions.

If you encounter any issues during registration, please contact [email protected].


Check your membership status:

Not sure if you are in good standing? Members should log in to their accounts by navigating to the and click “member login” on the top right of the page. If you have not logged in before, you can setup a new password using your email to set up a new password and enter the portal. Make sure to use the same email that you signed up for NACHW membership with. Once you have logged into your account, click a link to “my profile” beneath your welcome banner, where you will be able to view your member type and membership expiration date.