It seems you are not a member of NACHW. You can still attend as a CHW or an ally. CHWs includes Community Health Workers, Promotores, and Community Health Representatives, and other related titles. Allies are those who work with and/or support CHWs and their clients.

Attending the conference as a member allows you to vote for new board members during the annual meeting portion on August 3rd. To become a member and receive the member discount, visit and sign up today. After signing up, enter your email on the previous page ( to be taken to the member pricing page.

Not sure if your membership has expired? Check on and renew your membership now. If you signed up for membership online, follow these instructions to renew. If you signed up in-person during the 2019 Unity Conference, please renew your membership by following these instructions.

If you are CHW and want to attend the Unity Conference and Annual Meeting without membership, please click the button below on the left. If you are an ally and want to attend without membership, please click the button below on the right.

Non-member Ticket

Are you a CHW but not a member?

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