Your virtual front-row seat for elevating our profession.


We know time is your most valuable asset for the important work you do in your local community, navigating difficult environments with limited resources. That’s why the Unity Conference has been thoughtfully designed to support you. This two-day event is the only of its kind bringing Community Health Workers across the country together to learn, find encouragement and be reignited.

You should attend if you are:


Passionate about your work as a CHW and actively seek resources to do even better


Ready to be inspired and supported by the full diverse community health workforce across the country


Passionate about your work as a CHW and actively seek resources to do even better


Ready to add your voice for NACHW to represent CHWs in policy discussions and health systems development

Keen to Learn

Keen to learn more about the NACHW organization and participate in shaping its leadership

At Unity you will:

Learn best-practices

Hear pandemic success stories and get the latest info and education.

Meet your peers

Engage with CHW peers from around the U.S. and share your perspectives.

Unify our voices

Together, let’s strengthen our capacity to promote healthy communities.

Vote for the board

NACHW is for YOU, hear our annual meeting and vote on your board.

Our digital experience includes:

  • 2 keynote sessions + 4-5 workshops

  • An awards presentation

  • Break-out networking

  • Voting and announcement for open board positions

  • Updates on the NACHW Annual Meeting

“When I became a CHW, just hearing what others CHWS were doing across the world was powerful for me, and it actually infused me to be more passionate about what I was doing ad connect to as many people as I could to make sure I was making a difference.”