NACHW Annual Board Meeting Opener

NACHW Welcome to Unity 2021 & Sizzle Reel

Induction Ceremony of New Board Members

Workshop 1 Session A1

Balancing the Push and the Pull: NYC Community Health Workers’ Lived Experience on the Interdisciplinary HIV team

Lori Hurley, Fordham Graduate School of Social Service

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Workshop 1 Session A2

Community Health Workers Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Improving Outcomes for People with Epilepsy

Elaine Kiriakopoulos, Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH

Workshop 1 Session B

Identifying and Addressing Vicarious Trauma Among Community Health Workers

Denise Hernandez, UT Arlington/ DFW-CHW Association

Workshop 1 Session C

Community Health Workers from Hawaiian Homestead Safeguard Cultural Relevance in Support and Services During COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Iolani Ulii, Kula No Na Po’e Hawai’i

Workshop 1 Session D

We Make the Road by Walking – CHWs’ Stories of Utilizing Roles to Promote the Health of Their Communities

Susan Mayfield-Johnson, The University of Southern Mississippi

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Workshop 1 Session E

CHW Supervision Development & Lessons Learned

Ashley Rodriguez and Karla Alvarado, Baylor Scott & White Health System

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Workshop 2 Session A1

A Framework for Effective CHW Organizations

Denise Hernandez, UT Arlington/ DFW-CHW Association

Workshop 2 Session A2

Building a CHW Program: The AUCH Experience

Cynthia O’Connor, Association for Utah Community Health

Workshop 2 Session B

Using CHW-Engaged Strategies to Build CHW and Community Capacities While Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Silvia Ortega, Loma Linda University Health- SMGC, Promotores Academy

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Workshop 2 Session C

If You Build It, Will They Come? Community Engagement at All Levels

America Davis, Antonia Roman, and Kelly Wranik, Immunize Nevada

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Workshop 2 Session D

A Suburban CHW Learning Collaborative: A Model Advancing Health Equity and Strengthening the Healthcare Workforce

Angela Eastlund, Health & Medicine Policy Research Group

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Workshop 2 Session E1

Clinical Integration of Community Health Workers

Quisha Umemba, Umemba Health LLC

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Workshop 2 Session E2

The Academic Medical Center’s Role in Developing Sustainable Community Care Models

Leslie Jebson, Texas A&M Health / Texas Accountable Communities of Health Initiative

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Roundtable Discussion Session A

CHWs’ career advancement strategies—nothing about us without us!

Speakers: Julie Smithwick and Mike Young, The Center for Community Health Alignment (CCHA)

Roundtable Discussion Session B

Policy and National Agenda

Speakers: Durrell Fox and Ashley Wennerstrom

Roundtable Discussion Session C

NACHW Leadership Townhall

Speakers: Denise Smith and Wandy Hernandez-Gordon

Roundtable Discussion Session D

Community Transformation Model

Speakers: Maria Lemus, Alma Esquivel, and Melinda Cordero-Barzaga

Day 2 General Session & Keynote

Workshop 3 Session A1

CHWs/Promotoras As Peer Facilitators of Phyco-Educational Support Program to Prevent Depression During Covid

Brendaly Rodriguez, Chula Vista Community Collaborative

Workshop 3 Session A2

Navigating the Social Ecosystem: Community Health Workers as Racial Equity and Violence Prevention Professionals

Rumana Rabbani, CommUnity Healing through Activism and Strategic Mobilzation (CHASM)

Workshop 3 Session B1

Health, Wealth and Wisdom

Rachel Fawcett, The Beans

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Workshop 3 Session B2

Stop, Drop and Breathe™ Mindful Leadership

Evelyn Thompson, Mindful Alliances, LLC

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Workshop 3 Session B3

The Importance of Having Compassion as Community Health Workers

Zenaida Martinez, Community Outreach Ambassador

Workshop 3 Session C1

A Playbook for Advancing CHW in COVID-19 Response Strategies

Karl Johnson, Community Based Workforce Alliance

Workshop 3 Session C2

CHW’s/Promotores are Key to Fighting COVID-19

Joanina Gazcon, Erika Marroqin, and Rosaicela Estrada, El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center

Workshop 3 Session D

Prepared and Responsive: Prepared Community Health Workers Engaged in Two Models of Complex Care Team Integration

Lily Lee, Loma Linda University San Manuel Gateway College & Promotores Academy

Workshop 3 Session E

E Pluribus Unum: Coping With The Challenges of Multicultural and Multiracial Community Health Work

Valerie Davis, ElevateHER Inc.

Workshop 4 Session A1

Capacity Building Strategies for CHW’s via Dept Of Labor Apprenticeships: An Overview Of ASPIN’s Opioid-Impacted Family Support Program

Paul Conrad, ASPIN

Workshop 4 Session A2

Looking Beyond Social Needs: Unique Challenges, Creative Solutions, and Lessons Learned in Both Urban and Rural Communities

Barbra Baumgardner, CHI Saint Joseph Health

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Workshop 4 Session B1

Mental health outcomes of community health workers

Monica Ventura, DFW-CHW Association

Workshop 4 Session B2

Mental Health Resources for Community Health Workers (CHWs)

Erica Torres, DFW-CHW Association

Workshop 4 Session C

Cocopah Indian Tribe COVID-19 CHR Response

Alaine Ziegler, Cocopah Indian Tribe

Workshop 4 Session D

High School Young Adult Community Health Worker Training

Gary Ringer, Joy Southfield Community Development Corporation

Workshop 4 Session E1

A Community Health Worker (CHW) Career Web to Support the U.S. CHW Workforce

Monica Garcia, MHP Salud

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Workshop 4 Session E2

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Common Indicators Project: Engaging CHWs in Measurement to Sustain the Profession

Noelle Wiggins, Keara Redela, and Victoria Adewumi, CHW Common Indicators Project

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Closing Ceremony